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Monday, April 8, 2013

Curried Carrot Soup

The heat hasn't set in yet and won't hopefully for months to come.  Who am I kidding...living in the South the temperature passed 80 degrees today, but it was cool enough this morning to have me thinking about soup all day long.  I shared a soup recipe with you not long ago using frozen peas.  The structure of this
Curried Carrot Soup recipe is similar and you can create countless variations, depending on what is in season.  No matter what the outside temperature...there is a calling... a feeling that comes over all of us that can only be answered by warm, comforting and soul satisfying soup.  Well, here it is.

Curried Carrot Soup
Yield: 8 servings

1.25 lbs. carrots, peeled (about 7 medium)
1 yellow onion, roughly chopped
12 cloves garlic
2 t grated ginger
1 T olive oil
1.5 t salt
.75 t ground black pepper
2 t curry powder
2 T Tamari
2 c vegetable stock
2 c half and half (or whole milk)
.5 c sour cream
Whole wheat croutons for garnish (optional)

  • In a food processor grate carrots on a medium blade. 
  • Place grated carrots in a microwave safe bowl, add 1 T water and cook on High for 5 minutes
  • Meanwhile, place roughly chopped onions in the food processor and process with blade attachment until a small dice. 
  • Add olive oil to a large pan, heat until shimmering, add onions and begin to sauté, stirring often.
  • Meanwhile add the garlic to the processor and process with blade attachment until a fine dice.
  • Add garlic to the pan and continue cooking until onions are soft.
  • Add ginger, salt, pepper, curry powder and Tamari…stir until combined.
  • Add carrots, vegetable stock and half and half, continue cooking and stirring until just begins to boil.  Turn off heat.
  • Process safely in batches in a blender or Vitamix and return to the pan.  Add a cup of carrot mixture to the sour cream, stir until thoroughly combined and add back to the pan. 
  • Heat until serving temperature, garnish with whole wheat croutons (optional) and serve.


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