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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ruby Red Martini (LoriTini)

This evening, Neil and I shared our side porch with neighbors Lori and Bailey Baynham.  I had prepared the Ruby Red Grapefruit Syrup in anticipation of creating a special beverage for the occasion and it did not disappoint.  I made it as presented below (LoriTini) and also tried pouring the syrup into a champagne flute topped off with (you guessed it) champagne.  Either way it is delicious.


Yield: 2 Tini’s
¼ c Ruby Red Grapefruit Syrup
¼ c fresh squeezed lime juice
¼ c vodka
¼ c orange liqueur
½ c ginger ale
Limes for garnish

Combine syrup, lime juice, vodka, and orange liqueur in a shaker with ice and shake briskly for 10 to 15 seconds.
Pour into 2 glasses
Add ¼ c ginger ale per glass
Garnish with lime wedges

Ruby Red Grapefruit Syrup

Yield: 12 ounces

4 Ruby Red Grapefruits (2 cups juice strained)
1 cup granulated sugar


Place strained juice in a non-reactive pan, heat and reduce by half leaving 1 cup. 
Add sugar and continue to heat and stir until all sugar is dissolved.
Cool and place in a non-reactive container, chill until ready to use.



  1. What a great spring evening it was, sipping on this delicious 'tini filled with lime pulp and the perfect balance of sweet and tangy. Somehow Cindy always manages to concoct something new to tease and delight the palate. The cool breeze, the neighbors passing by, and the dual sounds of children playing as crickets began the symphony of their evening chirp set the perfect backdrop for what we do so well in the south... porch sit and visit as we sip on a cocktail and watch the world go by... Cheers!

  2. I do love to porch sit, especially with sweet neighbors...next Mint Juleps.